Is A Rodent Crawling Around Your Attic?

Count on us for rodent control in Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, SC and throughout the Greater Charleston area

Is the sound of crawling and gnawing making the hair on your arms stand up? Instead of letting rodents take control of your property, hire Blue Water Pest Solutions LLC for effective service. Our rodent control specialists will set traps throughout your attic, basement and crawl space. We'll bait the traps and then remove them once the rodents are caught.

Call 843-771-7378 right now if you've seen rat droppings in your home throughout Goose Creek, Mount Pleasant, SC and the surrounding areas.

We'll cater our services to your home

Since every home has different areas that could be more prone to a rat infestation, we always assess the entire property before we lay any traps. A rat exterminator will make sure every area that has rats is properly trapped. We'll remove vermin from any easily accessible spot on your property.

Once the traps are set, we'll come back in a few days to check them and remove any rodents that were caught. Trust our rat exterminator to solve your rodent problems quickly. Contact us right now to make an appointment.